Thursday, June 25, 2009

Poetics 5

Joe Brainard’s book was helpful because he uses so many examples that I could use that helps me with my “I remember” poem. Brainard’s work was so specific and honest about his life that I think it draws attention. I think his honestly helps me become interested and inspired so I decided to be as honest as possible. There were parts in his book that I would never think anyone would ever write about. No taboo words were off limits and he basically says what he wants to say. I like how he was so honest to himself and to his readers. The “I remember” poem was definitely my favorite poem of them all. I enjoyed listing all the details about different events in my childhood. I had never written any poem that has lists of events that is specifically about me in general. I had never written any poem that made me think back into my past. I learned that in order to make readers read, I had to be honest and specific as possible so it could help readers imagine what I went through in my “Bits and Pieces” poem. The challenging part I think would be trying to remember exactly what was said or what I really remembered.

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