Thursday, June 18, 2009

Poetics 4

The method I used for writing the walk poem was taking a notebook on the walk and writing down everything that I saw, heard, and smelled. I could not write fast enough to capture everything. While writing the poem my eyes were down on the notebook, and I missed some of the visuals surrounding me. I went on the walk not knowing what I was going to write, but I knew I would record the walk focusing on the senses. It was fun writing this poem because anything could happen, I did not have to come up with anything, life came up with ideas for me. I became so involved with capturing my surroundings perhaps I left out too much of what is inside me. There is an in-the-moment quality to this style of writing that is very appealing to me. This poem was like writing the list poem, only not memory based. I learned that while walking my mind is more outside of my body. While walking, my imagination is more consumed by my surroundings than anything else.

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