Monday, June 15, 2009

Poetics 4

The process of writing the Walk poem was tough because I wasn’t sure how to begin writing it. I have a bunch of descriptions about “my walk” but I find it hard to put all of them into my poem. I wanted my poem to be descriptive and I tried to get the readers to see what I wanted them to see through my poem. I learned that my mind was just jumping around from one place to another as I was walking. It was thinking about everything I see or hear, randomly. My imagination level was all over the place. I was questioning things left and right in my mind and I didn’t even take notice. It was pretty interesting to write the Walk poem. I have never written anything like a Walk poem before. It was so different from the other poem’s I have written so far. The Walk poem was about what I see, hear, feel, and etc. It was basically about me and “my walk”.

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