Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poetics 2

The topic of my List Poem, was chosen as a result of a long romantic dry spell that’s finally been broken. I’ve recently met someone who has most of the qualities I’ve been seeking out in a mate. I am excited and nervous to be embarking on this new and exhilarating relationship. I chose to write on this theme, because it is the newest thing happening in my life. I found the Sample Poems Ojibwa, and Loucheux helpful in both format and style. The descriptiveness helped me to find my own way of putting the words together. The Object Poem written earlier, helped me with finding the right way to express what I wanted to, without having to use long phrases. I was able to find words that embodied the meanings of what I wanted to say. The challenges of writing a List Poem, were to not sound too boring or repetitive, evoking the full meaning in a small amount of words, and making it all sound poetic and beautiful at the same time. A List/Catalog Poem is a challenge because the lines are shorter and you have to find a way to list what you want to, without being too redundant, or the reader will lose interest. In the process of writing this poem, I discovered that I can express myself about a passionate subject without being verbose. That was a good lesson for me.

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