Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I work at a bakery that has a bit of a mouse problem, which is where I got the idea to write a list poem of all the places that I have seen mice at the bakery. The list was fun because it could be anything, it never occurred to me art can be created by making a list. I have never read a poem that is about anything like things that insane people are afraid of. David Antin’s list poem inspired me, forcing me to see art in a new way. That is why I chose the topic of mice, a topic that is not usually associated with art. As I started writing the list poem about places mice are at the bakery, the poem began to loose the structure of a list poem and started to become a story. It is sort of interesting that my list became a story because I not write stories. Thinking back, the story aspect to my poem is probably due to the nature of the topic I chose. Perhaps in the future when I need to write a story, I’ll start with a list. The exercise we did in class of writing a group poem about each month of the year inspired me to incorporate time into my poem, which may also contribute to the story nature of my list poem.

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