Friday, June 19, 2009

Poetics 4

The "walk poem" was very different for me than any of the others written for class. For starters, it was much more emotional because of the memories I had of taking that walk to reflect on the changes I needed to make in my life. The "walk poem" was an active work. By that, I mean that it involved much more movement and observation than the other poems did. Attention had to be given to what you saw and felt and heard. The process for me, was to walk a very familiar route and to pay attention to what I was feeling at that moment, as opposed to what I'd felt in the past. The journey was emotional as well as physical. Things in this rural, hilly neighborhood tend to be very quiet. It's a good place to walk and reflect. I learned that my body, my legs especially, are stronger than I thought, and that my mind tends to wander. I weave in and out of thoughts, daydreams and distractions, sometimes taking a "break" from heavy emotional subjects. So, I've actually found that the "racing" has a purpose. The "walk poem" was therapeutic for me in many ways. It highlighted my strengths, got me out into the fresh air where I could think more clearly and observe my surroundings, and it gave me a new type of creative outlet. This poem was painful in some ways, but in many others, it was enjoyable. I'd like to do others in various locations, just to see what I come up with.

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