Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Poetics 4

This poem was the most challenging by far only because we had learned that we should listen to all the little voices in our heads, incorporate conversations, and written language all the while we are trying to take a walk. I recorded pages of my observations in addition to jogging my mind to produce what I've learned is a 'prose poem'-the much contested form of poetry for it's lengthy narrative style. However,I would argue that the language is still evocative and poetic, and would serve a different purpose had it been flash fiction or prose. In my poem, I tried to focused on making it a vivid piece which sounded just as pleasant to read(excuse the caps I've since removed!).
I was asked about the tone of the poem, and while I infuse humor-it's just the way I see things and my mood becomes more sour as I notice the changes to a local park I enjoyed many fond memories of as a child, before it has changed so dramtically due to gentrification in Northern Liberities where I currently live. This is a family park, with a playground, park benches although everyone knows that it has always turned to the adults a.k.a lovers, drug addicts etc @ nite. I didn't realize it turned into a dog park in early morning, so I was quite disappoined just watching these dogs run wild pooping everywhere, while their owners talked baseball! rather than pick up after their dogs.
I couldn't help but mention the analogy of Palestine, since it is a river that seperates the two countries(Israel and Jordan), and unlike the urban trappings of Philly and Camden, the Middle East is such a beautiful, yet volitle place to be. That's why I thought of Dangerous Beauty because of all the turmoil which does weigh down in my heart, particularly since I will be in that landscape in a matter of days.
After taking into consideration all your comments, I have revised it to a more readable piece which I am happier with.

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