Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Poetics 2

For my list poem I chose to write about the summer because it is my favorite time of the year. It was fairly easy to write because my family has a house in North Wildwood that we go to each year. My summer wouldn't be complete without the Jersey Shore. I kind of modeled my poem after the moon poems we read even thought I wasen't doing a calendar. The goal was that people reading the poem would be taken back to their fondest summer memories and that it was descriptive enough that people could see the images in their head.

I wanted people to be able to relate to my poem so I had trouble with whether I should generalize the lines or make them more specific to my personal summers. After the workshop, I'm still not sure which to do because the opinions went both ways. I think what I'm going to do when I revise my paper is change the title to either July, Summer or Wildwood. Hopefully I will be able to narrow down the details in my poem and make them more specific and less cliche.

I liked the list poems more than the object poems. It was more "free-lance" writing and just had to be listed and even thought structure is important I fell like it was more open to making it your own. Maybe I just really liked my topic but it was an easy poem to write. I have a lot I want to change after my workshop so hopefully it will come across clearer and less cliche. I also really like the list poem because it was very personal as opposed to The Eraser poem where I wasen't really a part of the object.

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