Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ekphrastic Poem

Diana 1892
Augustus Saint-Gaudens


Diana,   is the   revered   Roman   Goddess  of   the  Hunt

Stands on one  foot arched upon a sphere,  as  the other  extends  for  balance

Positions   her earthly  tools by   hoisting  up  her mighty  bow   and   arrow

Grasps the bow with muscular arms  extending a poised, clinched   hand

Clenches her arrow with nimble fingers stretching back the bowstring 

Arches her back (ever so slightly) with the tension from the pull

Tightens her neck  as  she  flexes her  long, bare body

Tilts her head keenly, to secure an optimal view

Targets her prey with sharp, trained eyes.



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