Thursday, June 18, 2009

Poetics 4

To write my walk poem, I decided not to take a walk that was brand new to me. Instead, I chose a path that was familiar, because I wanted to reflect on and observe everyday sights in new ways. My walk wasn't far; I went around the block in my quiet suburban neighborhood. I noticed that I was primarily surrounded by nature, as opposed to the city where I would have encountered many faces and a bustling street. I tried to convey a sense of nostalgia and boredom with this neighborhood in my piece, because that's exactly how I was feeling on my walk. It made me miss being in south Philly, with so many places to go, so much chaos, and so many people. The lines about the laundrymat and the water ice place being "so nicely paired" was somewhat sarcastic, because everything in this little town seems so planned out; ie. you could get a water ice while waiting for your laundry! Moreover, I tried to focus on very specific words in my piece and allow them to convey meaning without extra langugae. I think I was more successful in some parts of the poem than others, especially where word choice interacted with the meaning/feeling I was trying to convey. I definitely plan on doing some major revisions to try to make it more clear, especially since I feel it needs a structural overhaul most of all. Out of all the work I've done this semester, I think my walk poem (not the assignment, just my work specifically) has been my least favorite so far.

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