Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zachary LImbert - I remember poetic

I was very skeptical of this poem at first, but once I started writing I realized that there are some many things I remember that I wanted to say.  This form of poem is amazing.  It’s like being able to confess a number of things that I wouldn’t normally be able to say.  I started the poem with a forced memory and worked from there.  Then they memories began to flow.  I tried to keep them in some sort of pattern, but the more I went on the less I cared about pattern.  I became comfortable just going from memory to memory.  Although the poem isn’t finished yet I’m extremely happy with it.  I really feel comfortable and honest with it.  I don’t feel a need to incorporate any special language.  I feel that by being down to Earth with my language I’m getting a more real and pure representation of the memories that are important to me.  I’ve really fallen in love with this form of poetry.  At first I thought that it would be difficult to get the memories out, but they really do just flow.  Reading Brainard’s book for me was, at first, confusing.  I didn’t really understand why any of it mattered, but as I wrote my own I realized the significance of all the memories and why he would incorporate them.  

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