Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Temple Poetry Reading

The poetry reading yesterday displayed the versatility and enthusiasm of Temple student poets. A major aspect of the reading that stood out for me was the diversity in the material covered. As each poet approached the podium a new style, rhythm and theme came with them, providing the audience with opportunities to hear exciting pieces. Two of my favorites were by poets whose names unfortunately escape me. One was an English/Italian bilingual poem and the other by a poet who wrote a piece as a sort of shout out to his class. All of the latter poet's work was memorized and was not read, but performed; they captured my attention and kept me laughing. Ian, Chade, Nick, Eric, and Megan did great jobs reading their pieces and instilled a sense of pride in me simply because i've heard their work before. It was great seeing them do so well as representatives of our section.
I greatly enjoyed the reading and am looking forward to another in the near future.

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