Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Robert Mays- Poem 4 Poetic

Robert Mays
Poetic 4- I Remember

This poem that I created is probably one of the most sentimental and reflective pieces i have ever written. I discussed the moments of my childhood and how i was given a strong foundation and my family made me feel secure. While writing, i felt so many different types of emotions (mostly joy) but i was also sad. I was sad because, I could never experience those memories again.

Throughout this poem, I rarely mentioned sad memories because i feel that people dwell on the negative entirely too much. I want people to laugh and to be right there with me experiencing those same emotions. My family is from the deep south Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. Those old traditions (that trace back to slavery) are very evident in my poem. The family reunions, Holidays,going to church, and the installment of love and core beliefs. I didn't including any sayings but i wanted to show the reader the closeness of my family.

This poem is special to me because some of these memories are some of my first and I dug deep down in myself to really to to display the image as i saw it. This poem just reinforced how Blessed I truly am. I never had a need or a want that was not meet, and my family directed me in the right direction. I hope that people really notice how the small things in life can bring such joy and fulfillment.

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