Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poetic 4: I Remember

Chadê Biney-Amissah
14 April 2009
Poetic 4: I Remember

For some reason, this poem was a little difficult for me to write at first. I have so many memories; it was kind of hard for me to narrow down the selection. I wrote a lot of “I Remember” lines, and decided to choose the ones that I felt represented me the best. Some of my “I Remember” lines are funny and others are just plain old good memories. Out of all of the poems we had to write this semester, I think that this is my favorite type of poem to write. It allows the author to reminisce, laugh, cry, and reflect. To me, some of the best poems are written this way. I used Brainard’s book as an example of the type of content I should include in my “I Remember” poem. By reading his book, it gave me an idea of how the poem should be styled and what should be included in the poem. I think that I learned a lot about myself from writing this poem. Because it made me reflect on the past, it made me extremely grateful for my family. This poem has also caused me to become more interested in poetry itself. Before entering this class, I really didn’t have an interest in poetry, and I was hesitant to learn more about something that I didn’t have an interest in. After I wrote this poem however, I found myself looking for poems that are similar to Brainard’s and just other poems in general. I am slowly developing a interest in poetry, something I never knew could happen.

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