Thursday, April 30, 2009

Temple Poetry Reading

It was interesting to see what the other classes had done, and I liked getting a glimpse into their different dynamics (i.e., the guy who wrote about all the people in his class: his poem lent me a familiarity with the other people from his class that read poems; it was a good idea, and I was grateful). It seemed like a lot of people who read were either very experienced with doing poetry reading-type things or had really practiced. So many people brought a lot to their poems with their individual readings, which could otherwise have come off as a long monotone buzzing through my head, and they forced me to pay attention. That impressed me. I didn't expect the level of commitment that I witnessed. I also like how the people who volunteered could read practically anything and not just the assignments they had been given. I've never been to a poetry reading before. It was nice to see how much someone's voice can affect a word.

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