Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ghazel Sultan, poetry read

The poetry session on Tuesday was a really great experience. I really enjoyed Chade's poem, which I read before too but since she did not get a chance to read in class, it was nice to hear her read it which was more humorous once read out loud. This was my very first experience going to a poetry reading session and I had a great time listening to all the poets read their poems. I noticed the different ways each poet read their poems and all of them had a different style in illustrating their emotions into voice which completely changed the meanings of the poem. The poem I found most interesting was the second one of Antoine's. His poem described poems itself and celebrated free writing. He was very creative when he talked about how people did not have to listen to poetry and the fact that they might be thinking about something else instead of the poem was completely different. His poem was funny and his voice also kept me intrigued, he was saying everything so fast that I was more attentive in trying to hear everything he was saying. I know a lot of things he said was creative and incorporated different meanings. His poem was a great start to the rest of the poems as well since it explored the true meaning of words and questioned what poetry actually was in a humorous way. In addition, I noticed that lot of the poems were very funny as well as insightful. The poem that was read in Spanish, though I do not know Spanish, I still was intrigued in the way each word was said. I had a great time hearing each poem and I am definitely interested in visiting a poetry read again.

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