Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Temple Poetry Reading

I thought the poetry reading was wonderful. I was really interested in hearing students from other sections, but I was especially excited to see students from our class read. Chade, Ian, Megan, Nick and Eric did a great job. It was nice to see how they have evolved since the beginning of the semester. Two poets who really stuck out in my mind were Tyler and Rodolfo. Tyler used his voice to enhance his poem. I felt that it came across as a monologue almost. It really worked well. Rodolfo had memorized his poems and that made me feel that he had really connected with his work. I thought it was thoughtful and creative how he made a poem about the people in his class. The poetry reading was a great success and I think this is something that should be done every year not only to benefit the teachers, but the students as well.

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