Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Temple Poetry Blog

Although it wasn’t my first poetry reading, It was the first time I have ever read a poem of mine in public. I don’t know if I appeared this way, but I was REALLY nervous. After reading the first line the nerves went away and I felt like I was reading the poem to a room full of my friends. All of the poems read by the other students were different and I was actually glad that I didn’t hear 12 of the same type of poem. One of the poems that really stuck out to me was a poem written and read by Dustan Horng. He was an animated reader who had a lot of enthusiasm. His poem about people losing money at a casino was very funny and I think part of the reason it was funny was because he read it as if he was telling a funny story to little kids. Another poem that stuck out to me was a poem read by Uzoma Okezie. It has a smooth, calm rhythm and it reminded me of a poem that would be featured in the “Def Poetry Jam” series. This poetry reading was certainly a great experience and I’m glad that I participated in it.

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