Monday, April 13, 2009

"Poetic 4" Lacey Marinelli

Lacey Marinelli
“Poetic 4”

I really enjoyed writing this fourth poem; I loved reminiscing on the past and present. The poem’s seemed like they would carry a nice flow, and be filled with tons of character. I had put a lot of personal thoughts and memories into the poem that are dear to my heart. My process for writing the poem was to really just sit down and write what comes to mind, I did not stick to a time frame or purpose for the poem, I kind of just wrote, it was actually kind of hard to finish, because I did not want it to end. The only problem I had was I was not sure what to end with. Joe Brainard’s book “I remember” was very helpful while writing my poem because it taught me to write originally, as well as interesting, to stay open, and vivid throughout. This poem was different from any other poem; I have ever written or seen. It kind of reminded me more of a song than a written piece. I loved how this poem felt like me more so than any of the other poem we have written thus far in class. The writing process for me was different than any other poem we have written because I felt like I have not been as personal as I have with the "I remember poem". I learned a lot from writing the fourth poem, I learned that reminiscing and documenting those memories are very important, and can even be therapeutic. While I was writing the poem I thought of things that I have not thought of for so many years, many that made me smile. I learned to be honest with myself and when you just relax and let down your guard you can easily write your thoughts and have no problems remembering good and bad things that have made an impact on your life.

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  1. This was quite possibly the most emotionally draining poem I have ever written. The whole poem became such a process. I would write something that I remembered, and then I sat there for minutes. I would just zone out and watch my mind play my memories like a movie that passed by quickly, but was much more tangible. Emotions became lodged in my throat as I picked and pulled from the recesses of my mind. The length constraints seemed to be in the back of my mind the whole time. I don’t think it’s fair. I understand that it’s for the purpose of this class to have it at a certain length, but you can’t possibly ask me to be ok with what I turn it. It’s a symphony of my life that is missing the end. The notes are stringed together but fall apart when the manipulated lines end, and the sound stops. What I hand in is only a portion of me, and who I am. It’s really frustrating when you really think about it. Sure, I will probably look into extending it. However it will never be the same circumstances. It won’t be the same people reading the poem and hopefully taking something from it. Regardless, I hope what continues to gaze at you from this 2D portal of paper and words and change you in some way. I hope everyone in the class see’s me in a new way. A way that works to demolishes previous expectations of me and my ambitions both for my life and the class itself. To say the least the process for writing the poem came up to be quite frustrating for me. This poem was the tip of the iceberg as far as “I Remember” poems. I just felt that I couldn’t sum up my life, or remember enough. It made me wonder what happened to the parts of my life I couldn’t remember them, or (more importantly) why I couldn’t remember them at all. I know that my ending will be critiqued the hardest. I am not sure how to end it, I don’t know if I can properly at this point. Overall, this was an altering experience. It really got me thinking and revisiting the point. I guess that is the point, I’ll just stick with that.


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