Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poetic for Walk Poem

For this assignment, I decided to write about a SEPTA (subway) train ride as mentioned in assignment worksheet. I choose to do something different and write the poem as if the reader were riding the train with me. I got on the train (the broad street line) with a notebook and pen and wrote down everything I saw and felt. It was a bit of a challenge at first, but once I organized all of my thoughts I was able to write the poem. I actually enjoyed writing this poem in this style. It allowed me to be more creative than I am used to being. The way that this poem is written, it allows the reader to truly experience my train ride. The septa train ride isn’t as smooth as a car ride, so I wanted to make sure that I included some of the sounds and movements that I think are involved. The ‘walk poem’ is certainly different from the other poems that we have been writing. The ‘walk poem’ forces the author to go out and experience, look at, and observe things that they would normally bypass in a regular day. In other poems, (depending on the poet) the poet usually sits and writes down what ever ideas and thoughts come to his/her mind. I also think that ‘walk poems’ forces writers to be creative. They are asked to step out of the box by venturing to places that they have never been and write. In a sense, a ‘walk poem’ is a new learning experience.

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