Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poetic 3

Ghazel Sultan

For my walk poem, I took a walk around Temple campus. I observed many things around me, including my own thoughts and I realized how some minute details that I overlook as I am walking, such as a leaf falling of a tree, to the ground and how that can have a particular rhythm to it. Even when it is windy out, the leaves still maintain its smooth pace as they flew in mid air. I also noticed how as I walked, the silhouette of the trees would cover the floor at night and how one can combine themselves with the scenery around them through the shadows. I incorporated this certain aspect in my poem because I found it very fascinating how a shadow of something can be used in a way to combine two different aspects; in this case, it was me and the tree branches. The way the shadows moved as I walked was interesting as well because I observed that the silhouettes changed shapes but they all maintained the same form of being dead and weary. This added to the emotions which are felt at night as you walk underneath dead trees.

Overall, I paid close attention to nature around me and I learned how certain forms that we ignore can explain a lot about normal things in our own lives, such as a tree in the winter can explain death where as in the summer, it can be seen as rebirth. The walk poem was a great assignment, because poetry is more about observation and by this poem, I was able to create a poem from a single aspect that regularly took for granted. Even now when I walk to my destination, I pay more attention to my surroundings rather than walking straight with my iPod on, more concerned with what I need to do for the rest of the day.

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