Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poetic 3

My walk poem was a mix of two different styles, one being mimicking the walk itself, an seamless stream of thoughts with my point of view changing with the scenery; the second being that I come to various realizations throughout my walk and discuss them in my poem. I feel that the most prevalent thing I learned about myself throughout the course of writing my walk poem was that my mind wanders and jumps from topic to topic when it is triggered by something I find interesting. Things that “I notice” for instance are very simple, but my mind wanders, delving deeper into the meaning of the discovery or even its back-story. Giving human feelings to inanimate objects such as the “lonely tree.” I gave it a gender and discussed its feelings, something that I thought about briefly during my walk but analyzed more once I got home and began to write.
I started my walk with no preconceptions about what was to come, but I found myself in a very familiar situation early on. The trip to the bodega across the street begins my poem, which I think is important because I often start my day the same way. Instead walking to campus however, I made an opposite turn and walked farther way from my usual destination with no real intentions. I saw familiar things but thought about them more in depth than I usually do. Such as analyze the changing architecture from street to street and even imagining what the groups of friends in my path are discussing.
My realizations were simple but important nonetheless. I discovered that I know nothing about my surroundings when it comes to the lives of the people living around campus. I recapped things that I’ve learned for my history major and how little of it taught my anything about the life right next to me. This assignment was worthwhile and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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