Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poetic 3

To write my Walk Poem, I observed the corner of 12th and Cecil B. Moore Avenue. For a long while, I watched people and how they walked. I wondered where they were walking or what they were thinking. I focused a few individuals, but I felt that I wasn’t going anywhere with my poem. As soon as I stopped trying so hard, a young woman walked and stopped at the corner. I felt like it was the perfect opportunity for me to try and write out the event.

During the process of creating my poem, I found myself looking for more minuscule details. I wanted my poem be simple, yet descriptive. It took me many tries to figure out how to write my walk poem. Even though this poem did not refer to my walk, it did refer to another walk. As I read the poem back to myself, I feel a connection between the poem, the event and myself. I really enjoyed the process of writing this poem.

I learned through the process of writing this poem that writing a poem about an event and writing a poem that is an event are to drastically different things. I found this process to be challenging, not only in a writers sense, but also in a thinkers sense. Every time a write a poem, I feel that I am growing and learning. Each poem that I have had to write for this class has helped and challenged me to be creative. Life does not always have to be so structured and I’m living that now through writing poems in this class.

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