Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poetic 3

Ernesto Lopez
Poetic 3

I had a fair amount of trouble writing the walk poem. Philadelphia seems uninspiring to me because I went out several times with a notebook and came back with nothing. In the end, I decided to write about a string of thoughts I had while I was walking outside of Paley library. I tried to space out most of the poem in order to accurately follow the order in which those thoughts came to mind. The length of the poem is due to the fact that it was interrupted by my entering into the massive crowd at Anderson hall. The poem began with thoughts of autumn, hence the leaves, and since it was raining while I was walking around, I included the rain. The image of my mother falling when she was pregnant with my brother came next, and the sobbing of my father was unrelated to that specific event. The final two lines are what happened that next day, when I disrespected my father and I did indeed have hell to pay. The walk poem was definitely a challenge for me not only because I couldn’t think of anything to write about Philadelphia, but also because of the length. I felt that the walk poem should be rather long, but I feel that when I write, my writing loses coherence after more than a page in length, and thus I decided to keep this “walk poem” short and at least to my mind, concise.

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