Wednesday, March 25, 2009

lacey marinelli"poetic3"

Lacey Marinelli
(Poetic 3)
The procedure I adopted for writing my walk poem was to simply write a different number of things I observed and felt while walking. I decided to use this procedure because I wanted to see what it would be like to visit a place I’ve been to before, my elementary school. Even though it was a walk I’ve done many times before, I thought it would be interesting to see since it’s been so long. I learned a lot while writing my poem; I learned to really look at things around me. I was amazed by how I could walk through a place a second time and still feel some of the same emotions. Thirteen years later and I could still trace every step to my favorite swing on the playground. The walk poem is different from other poems I written because I felt the walk poem was more intimate. I felt like your possibilities were endless and you could write in any form imaginable, and go with it. I liked the freedom while writing as well as all the great inspiration. The walk really lets your juices run wild while also helping to prevent writers block. As I was walking I learned new ways of letting go of the mind from running, as well as really being open for different and new experiences. I truly enjoyed this poem, I feel like it help me tremendously in the future, not only in this class but other writing classes as well. I learned to not be so close minded, and the ability to creatively and freely write what comes to mind. I think everyone should write walk poems, while they are strolling on their walks. I think it allows you to truly reminisce on all the great experiences you encounter in life.

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