Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poetic 3

Robert Mays
Poetic 3/ Walk Poem

Out of all the poems we had to write for this class, I have to say that this one for me was probably the most difficult. I wanted to write a poem that though it walked you through something it wasn’t an actually a physical walk. As a college student, I walk all the time. And now, I had to walk and literally capture my thoughts as they come along. I choose to jot down my thoughts as I walk to work on a Wednesday. It’s in the middle of the week, I have two of my hardest classes that day and I go to my extracurricular activities in the SAC. I wanted the reader to see how my mind moves and wanted them to notice the changes I go through as I travel through campus. More importantly I want the reader to really grasp the idea that Temple and North Philadelphia are two different places; and the school that I work has its own values and culture within the neighborhood. The one thing that stood out to me from writing this poem, is that I’m always thinking and when im not thinking, I’m reminiscing not only because at time it can be comforting. But, it passes time as I walk through campus.

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