Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poetic 3 Walk Poem

For this poem, i walked around an antique shop that I had found one day while walking in Center City. I had a very interesting experience there, and felt the need to write my poem about it. The shop had a mysterious feeling and it seemed as if it were separate from the rest of the world. The shop was kind of small but because of the great amount of things that were in it, there was so much to look at. This caused a bit of a problem when it came to writing the poem. I took notes on my walk, and wrote the poem immediately afterwards; however, my notes filled two pages of my notebook and were crazy and somewhat  incoherent because of everything that I wrote about. I then had to choose what was more significant to add to the poem. I picked a few things that were very prominent in the adventure through the store such as the chair and the crucifixes, especially the ones that were covered in rhinestones (sanctity is disturbed/by rhinestones). My emotions throughout the stores changed with every room I walked through. I found this to be interesting because I'm never really that emotional in stores. I tried to convey that in the poem. When my mother called me I was pulled out of this trance that I felt the store had put me in, almost as if I was welcomed back to reality. It bothered me, though, because I got very distracted, and needed to stop and get back to where I was prior to that moment.
It was interesting to see the objects of the store come alive as I walked past. As I was telling my friends about it I had said that it was like a fun house for old people because its an antique shop and I guess old people like antique shops. I just kind of said it, but then I was like that is what I will call it. Then I changed it to "The Fun House For Old Souls" because there was so much energy in the store, almost like everything was alive, or had a "soul." The title then can be for "old souls" like old people, or "old souls" like energy given off by the antiques. I went back to the store afterward and it was completely different. The lights were brighter than I remembered, things were still there but the energy was gone. I did get to see more things in greater detail, but it didn't have the same affect. It was a very strange, dream like experience. 

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