Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poetics 2

While I was writing my ekphrastic poem I sat in Love park and just watched the statue. I have always admired this statue and was very excited to start my poem on it. There is just something about the statue that gives off a great emotion, just looking at it reminds me of my childhood, my family, friends, etc. I believe it is the structure of the statue that says so much, because it takes a word that is a perfect feelings and shows it so imperfectly. No type of love is perfect, everybody has there ups and downs with people they love and the statue reflects that.
Because I took in emotion when I was writing and related the statue to personal relationships, The morning picture inspired me the most. This painting was just so deep and the poem matched it perfectly. It was also about a personal relationship, I really like things with a personal touch so it inspired me to bring my parents into the poem.
Writing the ekphastic poem was similar to writing the object poem because it was a process of just looking at an object and writing about it. However, my ekphrastic and object poems were different because while writing the ekphrastic poem I brought personal relationship into the work and I made it relate to me while when doing the object poem I strictly wrote about the object not including my feeling of relationship toward it.
The ekphrastic poem was a very imaginative process because instead of just looking at a work of art and describing it, it is more like telling a story where a person can put his or her own personal twist on the work. Every person may see or feel something different while looking at the same artwork, and that is what makes ekphrastic poems so interesting because reading one poem may open up someones eyes in a way they never looked at the artwork before.
Writing a poem and creating a piece of art are both similar and different. In the sense one is visual and on is a voice they differ. However both works can speak, for example while reading a poem a person may be able to picture what he or she is reading and while looking at a painting, sculpture, etc. a person may be able to create their own story behind it.

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