Friday, October 16, 2009

Devon DiMatteo

Being an art major, writing an ekphrastic poem sounded like it would fun and easy because of my experiance being able to annilyze art. That was not the case. I actually had trouble writing this poem. i knew when i got the assignment that I wanted to do the "LOVE" sign because it is my favorite piece of art in Philadelphia. I knew I wanted to write a poem dealing with the "O" and why it is slated compared to the rest. The process I took to write this poem was different from the process i took to write my object poem because instead of describing an object, I was making up a story about the piece of art. When I started to write the poem, for some reason all that came to mind was rhyme. I liked having a rhyme scheme because the statue to me is a "feel good" statue and the poem I wanted to create had to do with imperfect love. About to give up for the night working on my poem, something came to me. It was short and sweet, and exactly what I was going for.

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