Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poetics 2

Because I’m from Philadelphia, before I went out to any museum or studio to look at art work that moves me, I sat and thought about artwork, murals, and sculptures around the city that had already inspired me in some way. I immediately thought about the freedom sculpture that is on 16th and Race streets. As I child, when I first saw the sculpture, I thought that it was scary and very unattractive. But now, I realize the passion and beauty behind it. I revisited the sculpture and decided that when I write my poem I would focus on each stage. I felt that writing about each stage individually would be easier and more effective.
When I actually began writing the poem, I felt like I was writing an object poem. I wasn’t sure is I was completing the assignment correctly, and putting it in the right format. I decided to write down and review all of the notes I took on the sculpture and then refer to the sample poems to see how they were written. Landscape of the Fall of Icarus was the poem that gave me the most inspiration, and the idea on how to format my peom.

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