Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poetics 2

I thought writing the object poems first was a good preparation for writing the ekphrastic poems. A lot ofthe same concepts that I used in writing the object applied to the ekphrastic one, except the difference with the ekphrastic poem, for me at least was that I put a little bit more of how i felt and how the piece of art work made me feel. I wrote about a sculpture of two hands joining together. To me it reminded me of hands that were joining together in prayer. I brought out a lot of emotions in me that I couldn't even believe. Art is very moving and this piece in particular struck something within me the second I layed my eyes on it.
I set for a good hour just examining it. I looking at every angle just letting the feeling wash over me. I think i could have done a little more decribing of the actual sculpture in my poem, which i plan to do in my revisions. But, i truly enjoyed writing this one. I think i ran into a little difficulty with exactly how much emotional aspects I can add into the poem because the first one was just a description of an object. Also was hard not to speak during the discussion group and explain ourselves. Overall, this was my favorite so far.

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