Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poetics 2

The Ekphrastic Poem was my favorite so far. I really enjoyed interpreting a piece of artwork and "re-interpreting" it into words. I didn't want to merely describe it, I wanted to speak to it. Give it words, metaphor, and voice. I decided to write from the second person. Seeing as how I am the outsider looking in I wanted to tell her story from my perspective. I didn't want to speak for her. Writing and painting are very similar in my opinion. However, I think that poetry gives more leeway to the reader. It allows the reader to create their own piece of art in their minds (given enough imagery). The picture is already there with a painting. The brightness and colors, the strokes, the texture- everything is provided.

While writing the poem I learned that images work well with my imagination. I learned that I easily build stories when given images. Adding the poetry came easily. I picked a picture that I felt I could really relate to, and just started writing. It was great!

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