Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ekphrastic 2

Never even hearing of an ekphrastic poem before right away I was intrigued as to what kind of poem it actually was. When I learned that an ekphrastic poem was a poem relating to a piece of art and for our assignment we had to choose a piece of artwork in the Philadelphia area, I immediately thought of the fresco on 17th and Montgomery. Writing this poem was somewhat difficult for me at first because I was unaware of what the artwork actually meant. I knew the story I believed the mural was telling and I wanted to make sure I got the point across in my poem. After I began to put words to my interpretation, the poem began to simply flow. After the initial hardship of the first line, my overall experience writing my first ekphrastic poem was very enjoyable. I really liked having the opportunity to critically view the mural and express my thoughts in the form of a insightful poem. I honestly think that although I never met the artist of the fresco, having the chance to truly reflect on the piece made me feel close to the painter. I believe I gave the mural words and a voice.

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