Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poetic 2

In complete honesty the ekphrastic poem proved to me to be very difficult not because i had nothing to write about the subject but because i had so much to write. The painting "Large Bathers" made an overwhelmingly large impression on me when I visited the Philadelphia Art Museum. I sat there at odd ends with it, just staring deeply into it, attempting to figure out what it meant to me and then what the artist's intended meaning. I wrote about seventeen poems about the work, while sitting there. One about the trees, the other about the body of water, the next about the barely visible church steeple that you have to squint to see. When I left, I came home and still stared the piece going through each work I did, in an attempt to figure out which one I felt closest to. To be honest I felt distant to them all, and I ended up chosing one that I chose just because I thought i may fill the requirements the best. Now in retrospect I wish I could have spent a just a couple more days on it. Besides the frustration and the lack of space left in my notebook, I really did enjoy my experience with the poem. I felt as if it really brought sense of enlightment that weekend, and humbled me tremendously.

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