Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poetics 1

When I first sat down to write about an object, I got an immediate writers block. I sat and sat, looked around the room and couldn't find what I wanted to write about. Then the Ah Ha! moment came to surface. As I was taking off my sweatshirt I smelled me perfume, so I decided I would write about the perfume bottle. After sitting and describing the bottle for 20 minutes, I didn't like the way it was turning out. Then I began to look around the room, when i glanced at the T.V. an Apple commercial was on, I thought yeah! my iPod!

As I begun to write I foucused on the shape, look, and color of the iPod. After I got that covered I foucused on what it does and how it works. I figured I wanted to write a poem that rhymed but with no certain style.

I felt like this was difficult to write because it was a topic I need to follow, compared to any other poem I usually just write what I feel that day with no limits.

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