Saturday, May 23, 2009

Museum/Gallery Visit

On May 20th 2009, I went to Creative writing poetry class and I was eager to see what Professor Featherston has in store for us. I realized my creative writing class has blogs that I must do before the due date so I tried to get everything done as soon as possible. After the class has ended at 10:30am, I was excited to start searching around for a piece of art work that I find interesting to blog about. I was walking to 13th and Cecil B. Moore (where I parked my car) attempting to process what was being said in class earlier today. I then came upon a cute art work that had no name to go with the art work. Or I guess it could be a sculpture that I saw. It was a sculpture of a bear. It was quite simple but very cute. It opens the eyes to imagine what the artist attempted to show through their artwork. I love the cute black bear and every detail about it. Its paws and face was very detailed that it seems like the artist has made a bear look exactly like it was suppose to look like. There was also another artwork with graffiti that someone did on the sculpture. It was interesting to see that because that is considered art work. I basically took out a notebook and describe the sculpture and everything around the sculpture as best as I could. I just started to jot down anything that comes to mind. Some of the words that came to mind was; abandoned, black bear, alone, quiet, sunny day, and etc. I love the idea of writing anything that comes to mind because it makes it easier to refer to the notes to write a poem.

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