Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Poetics 1

I wanted to write a poem about an Iphone because when I was thinking about an Iphone there was a lot of imagination that comes with it. I had many ways to try to be creative with the Iphone because there were a lot of applications in it. While writing, I wanted the readers to get a sense of how fascinating an Iphone really is and that is why I compared it to heaven. I tried to be very descriptive with this poem because I thought that being descriptive would help readers imagine the Iphone in their heads without having the object in front. It was a challenging assignment because I had a hard time connecting heaven to the Iphone. I wasn’t sure how to make the readers see the connection between the two. It was also challenging because I had never written a poem about an object nor do I write poems in that type of format. It was hard to write about an object because an object is empty and poets have to fill in the emptiness with their own creativity, by using words to make the object be seen as something of great use. On another note, I discovered that there are different formats of writing a poem. It was interesting to see what other student’s object poem was about. Overall, the assignment was different and definitely unique.

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