Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gallery Visit

On Thursday May 21st, I went to the Muse gallery on 2nd Street. This visit was my first time going to an art gallery, so I had no idea what it would be like or would a painting actually capture my attention enough to be able to write a poem on it.

When I walked in it was quiet and the paintings were displayed all across the walls of the gallery. As I walked around and looked at them one of the paintings caught my eye immediately. The piece “Almighty” was the structures of a man, sooner than you know it ideas starting running through my head.

I saw him as a protector or a man who is a superior to his people. I also got the idea of the painting being done by a woman who was madly in love with him so she painted in many colors to show his different layers, and put them all together to show the figure of this man. I am looking forward to writing a poem on this painting because I connected with it so well.

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