Saturday, May 23, 2009

Museum/Gallery Visit

I really wasen't sure when I would have the time to go to an art gallery or museum before this blog was due. However, living right by South Street, I decided to take a stroll. I had always been mesmerized by The Magic Gardens on South Street. Each time I walked by, I had to stop to see if there were any new additions or try and find something different I never realized before. I'm not positive this is the piece of art I will be doing my poem on but I figured it was a good start.

I walked by several times before I start to jot down some notes. There are so many different angles and perspectives I wasen't sure where exactly to start. The parts of The Magic Gardens that stood out the most to me were the portraits of people that the artist, Isaiah, created using shards of glass, bottles and really whatever he could find. The whole piece really just stands out; not just to an artists eye, but anyone who walks by.

I also enjoy the name of the art; The Magic Gardens. When one thinks of a garden, it usually conveys flowers or plants, possible fruits and vegetables; however this Garden has none of those things. Isaiah compiles bottles, plates, bicycle wheels, and any glass objects to put together his Garden. It really is a magnificent work of art. I don't think my notes or even a poem on it would do it any justice.

If you haven't seen The Magic Gardens or want some more information, here is a helpful website. (just click on The Magic Gardens above)

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