Sunday, May 24, 2009

Museum Visit

I've taken many trips to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and having an assignment that required me to visit was a great opportunity to enjoy the museum. What was strange this time was "scouting" for piece of artwork that was moving enough to write about. Considering that this was a criteria, it became very hard to focus on one thing. It became even harder to realize, amongst the many jewels of the museum which piece would be "the one!".

I swiftly passed the Flemish works, the scultpures, the European Art, the Contemporary Art and still did not find it. Somehow, looking to find something was more difficult than simply admiring Cezanne or the Renoits.

As time passed and the museum was going to close, a scultpure struck my attention. One I've never seen before! It was the sculpture of Diana, The Roman Goddess of the hunt by Saint-Gaudens located on the 2nd floor by the stairs. How many times as I child, did I play on those stairs that led to the upper galleries, even admiring the stairs that led to so many rooms full of splendor, could I miss Diana??? I could not believe that it had never struck me as something so facinating, and not because it was on my way out! Really, it is a special sculpture that depicts woman grasping her bow and arrow, with one foot poised upon a sphere as she focuses on her prey. Her elongated nude body depicted strength, femininity and beauty, which I appreciated much. Only after I convinced myself that this is "the one" that I realized I would be focusing on such an explicit piece!

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