Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poetics 1

I enjoyed writing a poem about an object. The most difficult part of the assignment was choosing the object. I practiced writing the object poem about mundane things such as a bagel and bottle of hand sanitizer. Because I am a painter I approached the poem like doing a painting of a still life. My practice poems were accompanied by drawings to help get me into the right mind set for writing an object poem. My drawing of hand sanitizer, and poem I did at work out of boredom. The hand sanitizer had no meaning behind it and so I ended up choosing to write my object poem about an object that I had already painted on my own; an orchid given out at the memorial service of a friend. While painting the orchid I thought about my friend but visually represented the orchid. I wanted to some how preserve and represent my friend through the still life painting while also staying true to the orchid. The process of writing about the orchid was similar to painting it; I wrote about it from observation trying to visually represent it, but at the same time attempted to cast a subtle layer of meaning behind the visual representation of the orchid.

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