Thursday, September 10, 2009



When it seemed to me that whatever was holding
me there pretending to let me go but then bringing
me back each time as though I had never been gone
and knowing me knowing me unseen among those rocks
when it seemed to me that whatever that might be had not
changed for all my absence and still was not changing
once in the middle of the day late in that time
I stood up from the writings unfinished on the table
in the echoless stone room looking over the valley
I opened the door and on the stone doorsill
where every so often through the years I had come
upon a snake lying out in the sunlight I found
the empty skin like smoke on the stone with the day
still moving in it and when I touched it and lifted
all of it the whole thing seemed lighter than a single
breath and then I was gone and that time had changed
and when I came again many years had passed and I saw
One day along the doorsill outside that same room
a green snake lying in the sunlight watching me
even from the eyes the skin loosens leaving the colors
that have passed through it and the colors shine after it has gone


It represented a snake.

It explained about snake's movement,

the color, and what the poet felt.

Therefore, this is an object poem.

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