Monday, September 21, 2009


I like to laugh a lot and I only thought it would be appropriate to write my first poem using humor. The object I picked was a bagel with ketchup on it instead of the normal cream cheese or butter. I thought it was a unique object, at best, to inspire a few laughs. A challenge I faced while writing this poem was not being able to explain how this object came about or why it was so funny to me. However, the last line of the poem pulled it together with reference to the case of miller. I thought it was funny how I rhymed middle with describing the walls of the bagel to a fiddle. Even though it sounds a little silly and might be a stretch, the brown layering color of wood and smooth surface did truly remind me of the side of the fresh plain bagel. For a science major writing her first poem ever, I don't think it was terrible.

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