Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poetics 1

When thinking about what item to choose for my object poem, I knew that I wanted to use something that I was familiar with. I chose my diamond ring because I thought that I could effectively describe the item and relay the message of how much it means to me.
While writing my poem I tried to keep my focus on the ring and its details. I wanted to make sure every part of it was described in such a way that would help the reader easily visualize its beauty. It’s funny to say that I was able to complete the poem while I was working. I had enough time and peace to really look at my ring and find the words that would effectively describe it.
At first I thought that it would be difficult to write about the ring. I didn't think that I could talk about it and its features without going off and rambling on about how much it means to me. Once I started talking about it, I found it easier to go deeper into detail. I learned a lot about myself and my imagination through this exercise. I believe that usually once people get older, their imaginations seem to dissipate. Once I was able to sit down and really think about the object, I was able to see the ring in ways I had never seen it before. It actually became even more beautiful to me.

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