Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Object Poem "The Milk You Pour"


The milk you pour encroaches
The bowl is mine I know the slant
Soggy is my enemy your spoon shant stir
Under his strong impulsive spin
The rainbow’s foot is not more apt
To have the centaur lover
So steal bran not O rabbity wind
But leave but still savor
For if the gods would love
Theyd see with eyes like mine
But should not taste like I
Your sweet inducive bran
And raven raisins.

- Dylan Thomas

This is an object poem about a bowl of cereal and milk. The poem begins by describing milk poured into a familiar bowl of raisin bran cereal. The milk is the enemy that "your spoon shant stir" in that it is the cause of cereal becoming soggy. Although, the cereal looks the same to the eye soggy as it does when it is not soggy, it does not please the palate in its soggy state. Words describing the cereal such as "sweet inducive bran and raven raisins" evoke a the taste of the cereal that should be uncorrupted by milk.

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