Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poetics 1

While searching for an object to write about I was thinking: don’t be too cliché, don’t pick something too small or too big, and don’t over think any object. I went into the bathroom and found my razor. I knew I would easily be able to create an object poem about my razor because there was a lot of room for creativity. While writing my object I tried to keep my own personal attachment to the razor out of the poem. Instead of simply describing the features of my razor, I decided to describe the “life and death” of a razor. My own imagination gave the razor it’s own life. “It”—the razor—became “Her” while examining the characteristics of the razor. When I finished the poem I wasn’t sure if there was enough there to let the reader know what the object is. So at the end I added “Dispose of Her” in order to create a connection to disposable razors, but also to illustrate the death of the razor. While drafting I intend to add one or two more physical descriptions of the razor, and also a stanza break.

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