Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walk Poem Poetics

I chose to write my walk poem after taking a run, which turned into a walk, through the canal path in Manayunk. I've ran that path a million times but something about that fall day enlightened me. That sounds so cliché but I never really took the time before to slow down and take in all my surroundings like I did that day. It was the perfect fall day in my opinion. The air was crisp and cool. The trees had finally started to change to bright colors of orange and red and some began to fall. The path is very secluded at the end farthest from the city and I was alone for a while. As I walked towards the city more people are on the path and it sort of woke me up a little because now I was not only looking at my quiet surroundings but the people doing athletic activities around me, like biking and running. The final leg of my walk was off the path and on to Main Street to walk to my house. This is when the world got loud again and I saw city life in action. I chose to use small sentences and the word "me" a lot in my poem because I wanted to leave room for thought because that is what I was doing on my walk and I was concentrating on how the world was around "me".

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