Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Poetics 3

For my walk poem, I walked around the city of Philadelphia. I walked from my home in center city to west Philadelphia and then home again. When in west Philadelphia, I came across two rappers who were battling "so to speak." From the look of things, it appeared that the two were freestyling as well as incorporating itty bitty little tid bits of written components. By the end of their verbal display of wits, tongues and cheeks, and poli/philosophical debates, not only had the crowd that had gathered spoken, but the rappers had too; it was a draw. They were both up to par. They shook hands, reciprocated respect for one-an-other, and then parted ways. It was clear that although these two rappers (R.A.P.= Rhythm And Poetry) were, in fact two different people with different eyes that spawned different view points, that they were both two pees in a pod upon the same page. Their preliminary arguing that had entertained us all, was UTTERLY ("pun intended") irrelevant to the peace that they had acquired with one another that had preceded that tussle.
For many of my other poems, not only in this poetry class, I have taken a more mysterious and riddle-esque approach. This one was more narrative and clear, I believe, contrasted with many of my other pieces. Daniel and I had spoken about this "mystery style" in the past, and he had told me (and i agreed) that, although the "style" is useful, it is always nice to push one's comfort zones, boundaries, and to try new things. Thus, this walk poem, my most recent piece, was a bit different from my poems of the past. One could say that it is still a bit "out there" perhaps, however that "out there-ness" is also rooted in a more concrete narrative that I had perceived during my walk out there in west Philly. However, and I will barely mention this a all and with brevity, it is my belief as of now that often times people can be a bit black and white when it comes to issues of "deep/pretentious/artsy-fartsy vs. not." (?)

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