Thursday, November 5, 2009

Poetics 3

When thinking about the content of my walk poem, I thought of writing about a walk in the rain. There was rain in the forecast so this was going to be able to be possible. Walking to class with a friend on the day before it was scheduled to rain, my friend turned and told me that I was walking really slow. Later that day while walking, I realized that everyone around me was passing me along the way. This gave me the idea to write a walking poem while walking at my normal speed. My speed was such a contrast to those around me that I thought it would be good content for my poem. I thought of the saying "slowly going nowhere" and wanted it to be the focus of my poem because as walking. Even though I was physically walking, it seemed as if I was getting nowhere with everyone passing by. The process was a lot different for me for this poem because before I was physically looking at something and describing it, or using it as inspiration for my poem. With the walking poem, I wasn't describing anything physical. Instead of describing what was around me, I described movement by describing my pace. I really enjoyed this poem because I wrote about me personally instead of something in front of me.

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