Thursday, November 5, 2009

Poetics 3

I have walked very often in Korea because I did not have a car at that time. However, now I rarely walk. In America, I walk only for two cases. First, I walk at the campus, but I always busy at the school. Moreover, my backpack is so heavy that I am too tired to think, observe, or feel something while I am walking. Second, I take a walk with my dogs. The walking with a dog could be a good and fun subject for a walk poem if the owner could control the dog. My dogs are uncontrollable. One of the dogs always tries to run away. Another one only wants to stay on one spot. She keeps sitting down.
The walking was the most difficult part to write a walk poem. However, I got a chance to walk soon. One night, I was drinking some beer at a bar, and suddenly, I thought it could be a good time to walk. I thought I could feel some special things because I was drunk. I walked short distance, but I could get many things in my mind.
When I wrote the object poem and the ekpharastic poem, I focused only the object and the artwork. However, while I was walking, my focus was moving. I felt old weather. I saw the streetlights, and my shadow. I heard my footsteps and the voice of a stranger. Finally, I met a tree and the sky. I wrote all of them. Actually, my emotion was changing followed the things I felt, saw, or heard. Also, there were many worldly thoughts in my mind. However, I tried to tie up my mind with one emotion when I wrote the actual poem. I would like to write main feeling and thinking that I got while I was walking. If I wrote all of the feelings and thoughts, my poet could be a book.

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